The Little Bag

 “When I was in the 7th grade, I (like every girl I knew) carried a small bag in my backpack filled with pads and tampons. It was crimson and shiny, and completely stuffed with all sorts of hygiene products in case I or any of my friends needed something. One day at track practice, I was doing some of my warm ups when I noticed a commotion on the bleachers. A handful of guys my age were all gathered around looking at something, then they all screamed and ran off. Curious, as many others were, I walked over to the bleachers to see what the fuss was all about. They had somehow gotten into my little bag, freaked out (as immature, 7th grade boys do) tossed the bag in the air and spilled all my pads and tampons all over the bleachers. I was more frustrated than embarrassed, but my cheeks certainly flushed while I picked up my products. This was the first time I had truly experienced people being uncomfortable with feminine hygiene, and after that I tried my hardest to make sure that other girls I knew weren't embarrassed about carrying products or asking others if they have any. Now those guys are some of my closest friends, and I make fun of them for having been so uncomfortable with the topic of female health!” ~Rachel, Female, USA