Goodbye Curious George

“I got my period at camp between 5th and 6th grade, the same year my older sister (by two years) got hers. I had to use my counselors pads, because I hadn’t brought anything. At camp, we spoke about my period in code. We called it curious George. I found the name egregious, but the public had decided. I stained every pair of my pants that week. When my mom picked me up, we bought pads, I put one on, and I bled through three pairs of shorts on the drive home. The solution was to wear nine inch long overnight pads all day long that felt like mattresses in between my legs. I had really bad discharge, even when not menstruating, so I wore these pads all the time and got blisters on my bulbs from them. And during my period, I’d still leak through. UbyKotex was my first savior, and birth control after that. I’m on birth control continuously now and haven’t had my period in 4 years. And considering that my period never did get regular or predictable, I’d like for it to stay gone.” ~Emma, Female, USA