Gaining Control

“I thought I was dying when I first got my period. I vaguely knew that a period was something all women got, but I had no idea it involved blood, or that it would be coming from my vagina. I thought I screamed and yelled for my mom. When she got there, instead of helping me or explaining what was happening, she laughed at me for being so shocked. She briefly showed me how to put on a pad in my underwear. She barely explained what was happening, or how long a period usually lasted for, let alone explain other methods for dealing with a period, such as tampons or cups. For almost a year I thought I couldn't shower if I had my period, I didn't know what a tampon was, and was constantly underprepared for my period. I felt lost, but periods were something we didn't talk about at home. I felt deeply ashamed about the blood, and every time I stained my underwear or sheets I took it personally. Thankfully my sister moved back from college and I finally got some education, she bought me tampons, told me I could take medicine for cramps, and I finally gained control over my period. It was a long road that was completely unnecessary. Years and years later I've learned to love my period. Sure it can be annoying sometimes, but it's a constant reminder to me that my body is healthy, that I am a woman, and that my body is amazing. I hope you all love your periods too.” ~Julie, Female, USA